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Dodge Challenger SRT8 HEMI 392 2012

Body author: Turn 10 (Forza Motorsport 4); 
Interior author: Turn 10 (Forza Motorsport 4); 
Some parts author: Codemasters (GRID 2), EA ( NFS Shift 2U), Sankalol; 
Some textures author: EA (NFS Shift 2U), Atari (TDU 2), Codemasters (GRID 2), Sankalol; 
Converted to SA: Sankalol(Alex_Ermakov). 

Model Features: 

-Model adapted to Improved Vehicle Features 2.0.2; 
-Model adapted to High Quality Lights Mod 2.0; 
-Model adapted to Active Dash Panel 3.2; 
-Custom shadow, collision, chassis_vlo; 
-3D-engine, trunk, bumper/wing frame; 
-Good specular and Chrome settings; 
-Quality dash and plates lightning; 
-Custom underhood/trunk texture; 
-Template for your own paintjobs; 
-SA-plates and SA-colors support; 
-Full damages(wings included); 
-Quality interior re-texture; 
-Perfect player's position; 
-Stripes are paintable; 
-Transfender tuneable; 
-Mip-Mapping textures; 
-Good settings; 
-4 Paintjobs; 
-3 Extras. 

Release date: 9th February 2014

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